Faith in Action outlines the community outreach ministries. S.T.U.D.Y.S. believes in helping to local residents in need. Whether food, clothing, spiritual guidance, mentoring, or coaching, S.T.U.D.Y.S. is ready to assist.



Christian Available to Render Emotional & Spiritual Support
(CARESS Ministry)

For those who are sick, disabled, emotionally distressed, sad, lonely, and need a little tender loving care, the CARESS Ministry provides support. The Ministry makes care phone calls and home visits, and provide spiritual guidance to all in need. During the pandemic, the CARESS Ministry has had to make adjustments in its approach to providing care. 


If you need assistance from the CARESS Ministry, contact us at 




Global Service Ministry

A huge part of the Church’s outreach is lending a helping hand to the less fortunate. We participate in local, national, and global philanthropic organizations to help feed and clothe children and families in need. Examples of our outreach include the Ronald McDonald House Children Charities, Feed My Starving Children, and the Fresh Water Project, which provides water filters to families in the slums of Kenya, Africa. We welcome you to join us on our next outing. Please be patient as we identify innovative methods to support these organizations through the COVID-19 crisis.


To learn more about getting involved, reach out to us at



Military Ministry

Every month, the Military Ministry visits Great Lakes Naval Base offers service to the young recruits and share a life of change. The Ministry encourages the sailors to serve our country well and reminds them that no matter where they are in the world, God is with them.


To join the Military Ministry, contact Arnold McGee at 847-767-9447.



Prison Ministry

God seeks to set prisoners free, not always from their physical prison, certainly from their imprisonment by sin, ignorance, rebellion, and foolish choices. Jesus identified Himself as the source of this freedom. As this is an important part of God’s work, it is an important part of the Church’s work as well. Every month the Prison Ministry team travels to the Lake County Adult Correctional Facility to fellowship with the inmates through bible study and Sunday worship services.


For more information on the Lake County Correctional Facility Ministry, contact James Brown at 847-507-7535.

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